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Roehling Story

 One of our core values at Christmas on Indian Lore is to give back to the community. Over the last 2 years we have sponsored Henry, a little boy facing big battles with E.B. Thank you for your support!
This year, we are excited to announce our 2020 feature family-The Roehlings. The Roehling family is dear to our heart. They are a beautiful family of 5 who have faced some mighty mountains in the past 4 years. Both daughters were born with failing hearts, and required heart transplants at the age of 16 and 18 months. 4 years after their life saving gifts, both girls are thriving and well. This past Christmas, their mother was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, which is also in her lung and bones. She is in a battle for her life.
Our goal is to create a place of calm and peace for this family. A place they can create lasting family memories! Together with Unique Services, Belgard, and Alliance we want to make a DREAM backyard-this is where we are looking for your help! We are holding an online cupcake fundraiser! Please click on the cupcakes above to order.
If the donations exceed the amount that is needed for the back yard, the money donated will stay with the Roehling family for more inside work needed, and medical bills.
Our goal is to have this finished by June 1st so they can enjoy a beautiful, safe summer together!